1. Dance
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Thank you for stopping by and purchasing from my extensive library of Nobi beats. I put a lot of time and dedication into creating what will be a great music experience for you with an original style and unique sound.

High quality beats for leasing will be delivered in MP3 or 2 track format only. Once the track(s) are purchased there will appear a link where you can download your track(s). All tracks can be used for general purposes which include but are not limited to performances, mix tapes and demo shopping for a record deal or EP.

Leasing tracks means that Shenobi still owns full copyright of all tracks and purchaser is just using the beat(s). All beats are open for anyone to purchase unless the purchaser upgrades to exclusive rights of the tracks. All tracks used must be credited as produced by "Shenobi".

If purchaser plans to use purchased track(s) for radio air play, over 1000 unit (CD) sales, or download sites where purchased track(s) are for sale, then the purchaser will need to upgrade to exclusive rights of those track(s). By purchasing this beat and other beat on this site you are acknowledging that you agree to these terms.